About Us

We are a group of people that love making art . In terms of self expression or just a hobby. Art of Life started back in 2017, when our founder Violet Ruthmen was still studying art in her university. She noticed that not many people considered art as a form of expression and that not many people used paints as compared to 5 years ago. She wanted to make a difference. In the end art is her life.

She then rented a space where people like herself can express themselves through art. It is a safe space where people come together and paint for fun. Today, Art of Life has around 15 members, each week painting together here in the studio where there will be a special theme to paint each week. 

At the end of each painting sessions, all the members are required to post their painting on this website to showcase what they have done for that week. In the end art should be in everyone’s life not kept hidden from the world.

Meet The People Behind Art of Life

girl, portrait, hairstyle-919048.jpg

Violet Ruthmen

Founder/ President of Art of Life

Liam Seigo

Vice President of Art of Life


man, portrait, model-919045.jpg

Noah Justin

Member since 2018

woman, portrait, model-657753.jpg

Violet Ruthmen

Member since 2018