To be a Clinical Psychologist in Malaysia is not as difficult as you may think. However, it does require some hard work and dedication to become one. A four year college degree is required to pursue a career as a Psychologist in Malaysia. You must also gain some work experience before applying for a job in Malaysia.

psychologist in Malaysia

Some academic courses in Malaysia have now even accepting candidates without work experience in their curriculum. To enroll in these courses you must be at least 18 years of age. If you are currently studying to become a psychologist in Malaysia or in any other Southeast Asian country, you will have to study clinical psychology degree first. You can then choose to pursue counseling degree depending on your liking. Once you are done with your psychology degree, you can go on and take the test to become a licensed psychologist in Malaysia. There are many requirements to be a licensed Psychologist in Malaysia.

In Malaysia there are two main types of psychotherapy available for you to choose from; Person-centered and cognitive behavioral therapy. A Person centered psychotherapy approach focuses on identifying and resolving conflicts and emotions which are affecting a person’s psychological health. Cognitive behavioral therapy on the other hand is used for treating patients with mental health issues. Many psychiatrists in Malaysia have adapted this therapy for use in psychological treatment. This type of therapy focuses on changing a patient’s negative beliefs and behaviors towards things like alcohol, drugs, gambling, violence etc. As such, they are effectively treating their illnesses.

Before becoming a practicing psychologist in Malaysia, you will need to complete a significant number of hours of coursework that include; interpersonal and clinical psychology, counselling, and counseling management, basic mathematics, and general education. Once you have earned your undergraduate degree, you will need to complete a minimum of three years of undergraduate courses in order to complete your master’s program. After you graduate, you will need to complete an approved doctoral degree program in order to obtain your PsyD (Doctor of Clinical Psychology) or Phd. The PhD is the most advanced level of education you can obtain in clinical and developmental psychology. You will need about five years to complete the process.

In Malaysia, those who want to become psychologists in two years will need to obtain a diploma from an accredited university or institution of higher learning. The highest-rated universities in Malaysia are the University of Malaysian Medical School, UMPH Malaysia, and the National University of Public Health and Clinical Psychology (NUPDP). These universities are very highly regarded and offer great quality courses and degrees. Other universities in Malaysia offering different psychology degree programs are the George Warren School of Psychology, JKUAT, and the Department of Mental Health Psychology, under the Ministry of Education and Human Settlements. All these universities also offer various certificate and diploma programs to complement their degree programs.

If you are interested in working as a clinical psychologist in Malaysia, you may need to be trained by a professional trainer in Malaysia. There are many places around the country that offer to provide short term and long term clinical psychology training to foreign students interested in working as a clinical psychologist in Malaysia. You should contact the human resources department of the school you wish to attend for more details on this matter. Most schools in Malaysia that offer to train clinical psychologists require their graduates to take a post graduate diploma in order to qualify for employment. This post graduate diploma is usually from a school in Australia or USA.

The best psychology courses in Malaysia starts with an orientation to the local culture. Malaysia is a diverse country with people of different races, cultures and religion sharing the same civilization. The best way to learn about Malaysia is through constant exposure to people and the society. When you are in Malaysia for your studies, take part in a fair and free Malaysia Day celebration. In every community, families and groups hold a gathering to celebrate Malaysia Day. This day is also celebrated in all the major Malaysian cities.

If you are interested in this field, you may earn an Associate’s degree from any of the best psychology colleges in Malaysia. Upon graduation you will find work is very competitive in Malaysia. In order to increase your employability and get a good job in Malaysia as a clinical psychologist, you may need to obtain certification. Obtaining certifications from good clinical psychology colleges in Malaysia is essential if you want to work in this field in any of its various professions. To get the certification, you will have to pass a rigorous exam conducted by the National Council for Accreditation of Psychologists and Counselors (NCAPC).