How to Start First Step Into Art Life?

“How to start the first step into art?” is a question I get asked a lot of times from my many students, colleagues and family. The reason I have always preferred not to start with an answer other than this one is because I know that it perpetuates the “I can do it” mentality that can sabotage you in art (I’ll talk about this in a minute). So instead, I will share some things I have found helpful over the years and I think they apply to almost everyone’s first steps into art, no matter what their medium.

How to start first step into Art Life

First, take it one step at a time. It may be frustrating at first, especially if you feel as though you are making a lot of progress toward success, but stick with it. Each piece you complete will become more meaningful as you go and you will start to see more pieces that you can put together to complete your portfolio or show case to a potential investor or gallery buyer. So if you are asking yourself, “How to start the first step into art?”

Second, enjoy the journey. If you’re making a career out of art, it will likely be a long journey. It may take several years before you find the type of work that appeals to you will likely have a very challenging time getting that kind of work in a marketplace where there are many other artists vying for the same attention. But don’t get frustrated by that. Keep looking, keep trying, and keep supporting yourself creatively while you are doing it.

Third, don’t be afraid to collaborate with other artists. As you build your portfolio and your reputation, you may find that collaboration is an essential part of allowing you to truly thrive in art as a career. As I’ve said, every artist has to start somewhere, and when you are working as an independent contractor, it is perfectly acceptable and encouraged to work with others.

Fourth, believe in yourself. Never give up, never surrender, and always remember that it takes time to achieve what you want. Nobody is going to hand you a check immediately. You have to earn your stripes through hard work, determination, and perseverance.

Fifth, consider mentoring or attending art workshops in order to gain a new perspective and understanding of art. There are many great schools and workshops that can help you further your education. Also consider reading books on the subject of art. Read everything you can get your hands on. There’s just so much out there to learn!

Sixth, keep your perspective positive. Yes, things may not always go the way that you planned them to, but at least you know that you are making progress! When you look at what you have accomplished so far and you consider what you have to go forward into, you will be inspired. When you see the glass half full rather than half empty, you will feel better about your situation. When you look at what you have to go through to reach your goals and you consider the challenges that lie ahead, you will have more courage and you will have found your first step into the Art Life!

Seventh, be patient! There is no such thing as an instant gratification machine. No matter how hard you worked in the past or how hard you expect things to go now, you will only succeed if you are willing to work now. You must realize that nothing good ever comes instantly, so be patient!

One of the main reasons why people do not achieve what they want from their lives is because they expect too much too soon. When you set goals for yourself, you should also set a timeline as well. It is important to set deadlines for yourself. You should also be realistic with yourself. Think about it: If you can accomplish something once, then it should be easy enough for you to do it again!

When you decide to take the first step and follow through with your goals, you will be amazed at the power that you possess. When you take the initiative and do something, regardless of how small or how big, you will be the one to reap the benefits. This is what will inspire you. Every time you succeed, you will be inspired by the success you experience.

So, are you wondering How to Start First Step Into Art? These tips will definitely help you out. Do not be intimidated by the task ahead of you. You only need to push forward and take the action necessary for you to realize your dreams.