Maintenance of Coal Power Plants

This seminar gives detailed information about coal power plant operations and maintenance. All the operational techniques and methods employed to perform and run maintenance and rejuvenation activities in modern coal power plants are discussed in detail. The basic concepts of power generation as well as its working is also discussed. Maintenance and care of these plants are also covered in detail so that the operators and owners get a clear insight into this process.

Power plant operation and maintenance

The present world situation has brought down the coal power plants operating cost very high and the demands for their services have gone up tremendously. So, these plants now operate on a complex mechanism that involves high number of engineers as well as supervisors. These engineers and supervisors form a “clean” team who take the responsibility of all the work and take the entire responsibility for its proper functioning. The “clean” team consists of numerous specialized people who are recruited for specific posts in these power generating companies. They have been specifically selected for their specialized skill sets and for the fact that they do not have any prior experience in this field.

They have all the necessary skills required to execute the entire tasks related to the power plant operations and maintenance services in a planned and proper manner. The present-day power plants do not have the technical staff to maintain the intricacies of the complex mechanism that is involved in its functioning. So, the “clean” team has to perform this task.

In order to get this job done properly, it is mandatory for all the reputed power plants to get a full contract or franchise for the maintenance services from a reliable firm or an experienced agency. A contract or franchise deals with the issue of reliability and availability of their skilled manpower at any point of time. The best option for a business man is to procure full contract for the maintenance services. This helps the management to focus on the core business processes and reduces the effort of the administrators to a great extent. Not only the manpower but also the software and the facilities offered by the power plants need to be updated regularly in order to keep pace with the latest technologies and standards that are being brought into use by the competition.

Any efficient commercial operation needs a dedicated staff and full-time workers for the operations and maintenance services. So, it is mandatory for them to get a full contract for the same. This also reduces the manpower requirements and saves the cost involved in recruitment of new personnel for the same purpose. Thus, it is beneficial for both the parties in full recovery of investment made in the development phase.

All top management teams in major industrial companies are making extensive use of the latest technologies for increasing efficiency of the operations and maintenance in power plants. The electrical power transmission, distribution as well as retail industries are making use of state-of-the-art equipment and modern techniques to generate more electricity than ever before. This has been a great source of growth in the industry over the years.

There has been a significant growth in the solar energy sectors and wind energy sectors over the years. All these renewable energy plants require the latest tools and advanced machinery for efficient generation of electricity. As the usage of these power generating plants for generating electricity is increasing, the frequency of maintenance required also shoots up. Hence, it becomes extremely important for the power generation plants to use modern machines for maintenance as well as recovery purposes.

In addition to this, most of the coal power plants require very high-level of automation for the smooth functioning of its functioning. Most of the coal power plants also have a huge requirement of trained personnel for taking care of the overall safety and security of the whole plant. So, it is quite obvious that every such plant requires a dedicated staff for taking care of its maintenance and operational aspects. There are many companies that are providing services for providing these services to the power generating plants and many of them have earned their experience over the years by providing top notch quality in the field of coal burning power generation plants and their maintenance procedures.